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Man attacks 6-year-old girl walking with family in Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Police Department is looking for a man who reportedly hit a child as she walked on Main Street about a block from the Venice city limit.

Christina Tullock, a Venice resident, says she was walking Sunday night as part of a group of five. Tullock says a disheveled-looking man seated at the bus stop hit the child without warning.

“A man who was sitting on a bench turned and swung and hit my friend’s 6-year-old child in the face,” said Tullock. “Then he got up and started screaming, ‘You don’t know who I am.’”

Tullock says the 6-year-old girl and her family were visiting from the East Coast.

“If you can’t walk down the street in the daylight as a 6-year-old eating ice cream without getting attacked by a grown man out of his mind for whatever reason, we’re broken”, says Tullock.

Though the thoroughfare where Venice meets Santa Monica is quite busy during the day— many businesses were closed when this incident was reported. Most do not have outward-facing cameras.

Tullock captured a photo of the alleged assailant just steps from the bus stop as she says he headed North on Main Street. The man was gone when police arrived.

 Tullock says her friends, including the child, are still shaken up. 

“I’m completely horrified they had to go through this. I don’t think they’re going to visit again,” said Tullock.

Police are still looking for the person responsible, they ask anyone with information, photos, or video to come forward.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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