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Lyft to take over rides for El Camino Health's long-running RoadRunners transportation service

A major change is coming to a long-running community assistance program in the South Bay.

El Camino Health said thank you and goodbye to its beloved volunteer RoadRunners drivers on Friday. The program shuttles seniors to and from the hospital or other places within 10 miles of the hospital.

The RoadRunners transportation service through El Camino Health has been around for nearly four decades, and in the last seven years began a partnership with Lyft to fulfill some of the rides outside of the volunteer hours.

Starting Monday, Lyft drivers will take over all RoadRunners rides, leaving longtime volunteers heartbroken.

“I’ve lost lots of friends,” said Gus Meyner, who has been a RoadRunners volunteer for 15 years. “They just weren’t passengers.”

El Camino Health said it is “committed to its RoadRunners program and evolving its efficiency and effectiveness. Historically, volunteers have been essential to this program and will continue to provide administrative support to the RoadRunners program.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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