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Long Beach set to vote to scale down Olympic pool complex

The city of Long Beach is set to vote to scale down a pool complex near Belmont Shore that was meant to host the 2028 Olympic competitions.

The original $100 million dollar complex was unveiled in 2016 to much public support. It featured a translucent half dome, four different pools, a movable floor, whirlpools and permanent indoor seating. 

“For the Olympics, it’s great. It brings jobs to the community,” said local resident Lisa Bernson. 

However, the city now says the price tag is forcing it to reconsider. In a statement, the city shared its intention to provide a [fiscally sustainable[ resource to its users. This, coupled with neighbor complaints and concerns for increasing sea levels, pushed for an alternative, scaled-down plan. 

Joe Dragacevich, a resident of Long Beach, agrees with the scale-down. “To put the burden on the taxpayer is just a little bit too much. We really don’t need that big of a venue here,” he said.

The scaled-down complex will include three outdoor pools (one with diving springboards), zip lines and climbing walls. This reduction in size also means no Olympic games for the complex.

However, the Belmont Shore Pier, which will be torn down and rebuilt, will participate in the 2028 Olympic games. 

“I like the idea of a new pier. I like the idea of a double decker where people that fish I think are going to be on the bottom part, and people that are just going to walk on the pier and enjoy the pier are on the top,” Dragacevich said. 

The pier project is already in motion, with construction coming from different funds.

Meanwhile, the pool complex, if approved next Tuesday, will be completed in 2025.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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