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Long Beach residents brace for possible flooding

Residents of the Peninsula neighborhood of Long Beach are preparing for possible flooding while still recovering from a previous storm.

The city is working to clear street gutters to prevent localized flooding during the high tide and storms. High winds sent palm fronds into power lines and tree barks into cars, but no one has been injured. 

Resident David Black and his neighbors say their garages saw two feet of rain last storm. “This whole place was flooded out,” Black said.

Many residents say they are staying home to avoid any issues. 

“Today, I said I’m not going to work,” one Long Beach resident said. “I took the day off.”

Another neighbor said they “had plans” but ultimately “canceled them.”

Long Beach officials are asking that everyone remain vigilant and prepare. Free sandbags are being offered at Fire Stations 7, 12, 13 and 14. Lifeguards are on standby to monitor the coast where flooding and high surf advisories remain in effect. 

Spots that flooded cars nearly up to their roofs last storm were relatively clear of flooding for now. Last storm, neighbors watched closely as one of the old oak trees along Lees Avenue fell onto a home. 

But some neighbors don’t seem as worried about the incoming storm. Nathan Lucas offered a few words of encouragement for his fellow Long Beach residents as he enjoyed a rainy day workout. 

“Don’t let the cold water, cold weather get you down,” Lucas said. 

Similarly, neighbor and wind foiler Robin Nguyen expressed excitement about taking his board out on the ocean. 

“My phone was going off the hook — ‘what time are you going to get there,’ ‘take work off today,’” Nguyen said. “It’s like a snow day at the beach.”

However, lifeguards say there is no beach access at this time due to increasing bacteria levels during storms.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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