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LAUSD rolls out new food trucks to serve students throughout the city

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will soon be able to order from food trucks thanks to an upcoming rollout.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho announced Friday that four food trucks will travel from school to school throughout the year to serve students in a new way. Menu items aim to be diverse and the meals will be cooked in the truck.

“By bringing innovation in a cool way, bringing new food products that are nutritious, that are healthy, that are culturally relevant to the community of students we serve, that will help our students,” Carvalho said. “And that is what we’re doing with this food truck.”

Dishes will range from Korean tacos, nachos, carnitas tacos and more and will take influence from several cultures to reflect the diversity of Los Angeles students.

“Now, they’re going to be looking forward to lunch because they’re going to be served with yummy, delicious and yes, culturally relevant food,” LAUSD board member Rocio Rivas said. “Food that your family is eating at home, which can be Korean, Thai or Mexican.”

Since LAUSD serves four regions, four food trucks will travel throughout the city to serve hundreds of students.

“As far as capacity, these trucks will be able to deliver cooked meals, cooked in the truck, to 400 students, 400 adults not only in schools but also special events throughout our community,” Carvalho said.

So far, the first food truck is ready to tour through the city. Nonprofit organization No Kid Hungry, and its program manager Tommy Lee, covered 80% of resources to make the food truck possible. The remaining 20% was paid for by the California Department of Education.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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