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Landslide damages Sherman Oaks neighborhood after hillside collapses behind home

An overnight landslide damaged the backyard of a home and other properties below and hillside Wednesday in Sherman Oaks.

Firefighters responded at about 3 a.m. to the neighborhood in the 3000 block of North Ventura Canyon Avenue, where part of a hillside gave way and started sliding toward at least three homes.

A landslide damaged a home Wednesday March 13, 2024 in Sherman Oaks.
A landslide damaged a home Wednesday March 13, 2024 in Sherman Oaks.

No injuries were reported. At least three people were evacuated.

Neighbors said they could hear cracking sounds after the hillside crumbled.

Video from NewsChopper4 showed part of a hillside that gave way behind a home perched above several other residences. The slide left a gap between two sections of pavement around the home’s backyard pool and next to a tennis court.

The backyard of a home damaged when land gave way near a swimming pool and tennis court in Sherman Oaks.

The hillside apparently crumbled down onto a home under construction and into at least one other home’s backyard.

The city Department of Building and Safety was on scene to examine homes and the hillside. One home was red-tagged, meaning it’s unsafe to enter.

Firefighters said it’s not clear what triggered the slide. Late winter rainfall left hillsides around Southern California saturated and prone to slides.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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