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Lancaster girl with autism draws adorable picture of her missing dogs to find them

A Lancaster girl with autism asked for her community’s help in locating her two missing dogs.

Shelby Shepherd has been distraught since her two beloved dogs, Pilot and Ranger, got out of the property Saturday. The family suspected the 2-year-old pups somehow were let out of the gate as guests were coming and going for the birthday of Shelby’s sister.

The Shepherd family of Lancaster were desperately looking for Pilot (left) and Ranger (right.)

“Ranger is white with brown spots, and Pilot is mostly brown – really big and adorable,” the 10-year-old girl described her dogs. “Whenever I’m crying or get hurt, they come to me and help me.”

While Shelby’s parents frantically drove around the neighborhood and checked nearby shelters to see if the dogs were somehow turned in, the little girl drew a picture of her dogs, hoping someone would recognize them and alert the family.

“We’ve had quite a bit of tragedy around pets in the family, but losing two at the same time hit her really hard,” Andrea Shepherd, Shelby’s mom said.

Shelby, a 10-year-old with autism, drew a picture of her pups, hoping someone would recognize them in her community.

Because Shelby relies on Pilot and Ranger emotionally, her parents were trying to locate the dogs as soon as possible.

“When [Shelby] is outside, the dogs are with her. When she’s inside, the dogs are on her lap or next to her. She’s very tied to her dogs,” Shelby’s mom said.

The Shepherd family also posted some pictures of Pilot and Ranger on social media, asking Lancaster and Palmdale neighbors to keep an eye out for the dogs.

“If you find them, give us a call,” the young girl pleaded.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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