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La Habra Heights residents face cleanup after storm

For homeowners who live in La Habra Heights, the clean up from this week’s storms could take at least several days.

As they dig out, some feel they could have been better protected from flood damage. 

Jim Lewis is one of dozens of homeowners in La Habra Heights cleaning up and trying to clear out.

All the debris that slid from the top of the hill into his backyard on Vista del Llano Drive.

“There was just so much water hitting it. And it just – each time, it got saturated. And the weight just dropped,” Lewis said. 

There were trees on the hillsides that may have helped keep the soft soil intact during this week’s rain. But most of them were cut down as required by law, because the city of La Habra Heights is a fire zone.

“If anyone does an addition or builds a new house, they have to go through this process of developing a fuel modification plan. some of those things they have to do is they have to remove trees — that are an inherent fire danger,” said Rafferty Wooldridge, La Habra Heights interim city manager. 

Specifically eucalyptus trees, which the city says are highly hazardous fuels for fires, so state code requires their removal anytime someone makes modifications to their home.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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