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Katie Porter goes after Adam Schiff in final California Senate debate

As four leading candidates for the U.S. Senate for the state of California clashed in the final debated before Super Tuesday, Rep. Katie Porter, democratic congresswoman of Irvine, openly criticized her House colleague Rep. Adam Schiff of Burbank.

During her first remarks in response to the question about the minimum wage and rising cost of living in California, Porter included her criticism against Schiff’s legislation records.

“My colleague Rep. Schiff says, for example, he wants to bring down the cost of childcare. But he isn’t on either of two major democratic bills that would do that. He’ s not on a bill to provide rental assistance for people although they were all part of plans. That’s the gap between congressman Schiff and candidate Schiff.”

But the Burbank congressman brushed the criticism off.

“There’s nothing easier than putting your name on a bill,” Schiff shot back. “When you see the real legislators, they write their own legislation. I’ve been on numerous bills to bring down the cost of child care.”

The latest poll by USC, CSU Long Beach and Cal Poly Pomona showed Schiff of Burbank maintained a lead, gaining support from 25% of likely voters while Porter of Irvine was in second place at 15%, tied with the Republican candidate Steve Garvey.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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