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Inside the Metaverse: Security and Privacy Concerns

It could be our next social hangout, but it could also be after your private data.

The metaverse offers new ways to meet, socialize, play games and shop but there are privacy and security concerns lingering as this develops.

The latest version of the metaverse is being designed by companies like Meta – Facebook’s parent company – Roblox and others.

Depending on how a person presents themselves, one can be very susceptible to bullying and other forms of abuse by bad actors also in the metaverse.

Don Heider, Executive Director of Markkula Center for Applied Ethics agrees.

“Yes, it has the same dangers as Facebook and Twitter and all the other platforms,” he said. “But I think there’s even a heightened danger and that is the emotional effects it can have on people.”

NBC Bay Area’s business and tech reporter Scott Budman has more.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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