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IE Dog Rescued After Being Swept Away by Fast-Moving Water in Flood Basin

He may have been a little dirty and a little wet, but an Inland Empire dog made it home safe after being carried away more than a mile by fast-moving water and getting stuck in a storm drain.

Seamus’ ordeal happened when he got away from owner Emily Brill during a walk Monday in Loma Linda, making his way down a ditch and through a culvert that was connected to a flood control basin full of rushing water, Brill told NBCLA.

“It was just seconds he got away from me, and I called him and he wasn’t there and I ran over to see him just bobbing down the river,” Brill said.

Brill started running after Seamus, but she couldn’t catch up and immediately called 911 for help. San Bernardino County Fire Department Capt. Andrew Bonhus said Brill did a “great job” in not putting herself in danger by jumping in after the dog.

Firefighters scoured the area until a man flagged them down. That man had seen Seamus floating in the water and followed the pup, who he then saw getting into a storm drain.  

By this point, Seamus had reached San Bernardino.

“It was calm because he was out of the water, but highly stressful just based on the fact that if we didn’t do this right in this short period of time, we could make it worse,” Bonhus said, recalling the moments firefighters came upon Seamus.

One firefighter carefully got down into the storm drain and pulled the pup back up, careful not to spook him. A short time later, he was back with his relieved owners in a reunion that was captured on video.

“He is one lucky dog,” Bonhus told the Brills. “He’s got some fight in him.”

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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