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‘I heard a lady screaming': Witness who filmed violent Hacienda Heights purse snatching recalls confrontation

The woman who captured the brazen daytime robbery of an elderly lady in Hacienda Heights on video is speaking out about the ordeal that left the community concerned for their wellbeing.

“I was thinking he was trying to rob me at first,” said the witness, who asked to conceal her identity over fear for her safety.

Video from Monday’s violent purse snatching left residents disturbed as they watched footage of a woman in her 70s being dragged along a Bank of America parking lot. As the victim continues to hold on tightly to her purse, the thief relentlessly tugs on her bag and successfully runs off. The LA County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) said the robbery took place on South Azusa Avenue.

“I heard a lady screaming, ‘help, help,’” the witness told NBCLA.

The witness said she first noticed the robber when he approached her vehicle in the parking lot. She believes her dog scared him off, making him redirect his aim for the elderly victim instead.

“The old lady had banged her head,” the witness said. “Her shoes came off and there’s a lot of scratches on her body.”

LASD did not disclose the severity of the victim’s injuries.

Two men were seen on video attempting to intervene but ultimately, the thief got away. The witness said she and her boyfriend followed the culprit to a neighborhood near the bank.

“We were trying to catch him,” the witness recalled. “I was talking to the 911 operator at the time. The operator told me to go back to the scene.”

The encounter left residents shaken, saying they are changing their routines.

“We actually moved here years ago because it was a nice community, a safe community but now I won’t come to the bank alone, I won’t take my son to the market,” Cristal DeLeon, a Hacienda Heights resident, said. 

A detailed description of the attacker has not been made available. Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact LASD.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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