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Husky Reunited With Owner After Fall Down Hill Behind Hollywood Sign

A husky went Hollywood Thursday afternoon during a hike behind one of Los Angeles’ most famous landmarks.

A woman called 911 for help while she was hiking on Mount Lee, on the Wisdom/Magic Tree trail, with her two dogs when one of them separated from them, Brian Humphrey with the Los Angeles Fire Department said. A group of 45 Los Angeles firefighters responded to the scene to help the woman rescue the dog as TV helicopters captured the scenes overhead.

The dog appeared to be uninjured and in good condition, moving around in the brush on the hill. The area near Mount Lee and Cahuenga Peak is steep, mostly covered in high grass and chaparral.

Hiker Andrew Roda tried to hike down to the dog.

“He was shivering, he was panicked,” Roda said. “And I was nervous that I was a stranger and he wouldn’t be pleased, and I didn’t want to hurt him any worse and didn’t want to scare him.”

Just as fire-rescue personnel were getting ready to rappel down the hill, the dog scrambled up the hillside on its own to reunite with its owner.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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