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Humane Society Rescues Foxes Stuck in Portola Valley Home

Two gray foxes that apparently fell into a deep window well at a Portola Valley home were rescued Thursday, a Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA spokeswoman said.

Someone who was cleaning the windows at the home discovered the foxes’ predicament and called the organization for help.

“Somehow the two foxes fell into the 10-foot-high window well and were unable to get themselves out,” said Buffy Martin Tarbox, a spokeswoman for the organization.

Rescue staff from the organization responded to the home and “literally plucked them from their perilous predicament, saving the lives of the two beautiful native gray foxes,” Tarbox said.

A window well is a deep excavation around a basement window that allows light to enter. This window well was so deep, the staffer had to go into the house to free the foxes, according to Tarbox.

“(The rescuer) entered the house, opened the window from the inside of the home to access the window well and was able to securely grasp the foxes, putting them in cages and taking them outside for evaluation,” according to Tarbox.

The rescuer didn’t find any obvious injuries on the foxes, so they were released back into the wild.

“Since the foxes were unable to climb out of the steep concrete enclosure they most likely would have perished without our assistance,” Tarbox said. “These are two very lucky foxes!”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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