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Hot Dog, Jumbo Pack of Toilet Paper and a COVID Vaccine? Costco and Other Spots Offer Vaccination

When you think of Costco, you no doubt think of bulk items like toilet paper and other household goods, but did you know you can also get a COVID-19 vaccine there?

Tony Molina visited the Costco in Burbank with his son for gas and a hot dog, but had no idea the big box chain is also a COVID-19 vaccine distribution site.

“That’s pretty cool you can get it almost anywhere, if there’s a spot open,” he said.

Finding an appointment by navigating the website has not been easy for most.

“It is a little frustrating for people who are religionless and can’t find it,” Molina said.

Large sites, such as Dodger Stadium tend to get the most publicity, but if you don’t want to wait in a long line of cars, consider your neighborhood grocery store.

Several grocery chains which also have pharmacies, including Pavilions, Vons and Ralphs, are offering the vaccine.

There’s also a big effort to distribute vaccines to drug store pharmacies such as Walgreens, as well as neighborhood clinics.

“That really amazed me how the county, the government is trying to get everybody to get the vaccination,” childcare worker Kevin Meza said.

Getting everybody vaccinated means taking the vaccine to places where people live and where they shop. Thinking outside the box by going inside big box pharmacies.

Keep in mind you do not have to be a Costco member in order to get a vaccine appointment.

California COVID-19 Vaccinations

The map tracks the number of doses administered by a recipient’s county of residence according to the The California Department of Public Health.

Source: The statewide totals for doses administered reflect Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Otherwise we used data from the California Department of Public Health.
Amy O’Kruk/NBC

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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