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Horses confiscated during neglect investigation now available for adoption

Dozens of horses seized during a neglect investigation in the San Jacinto Valley, where more than 40 dogs were impounded as a result of the same investigation, came up for adoption Friday, though authorities cautioned that only experienced equestrian handlers would be able to manage the steeds.

“We are at a point in this ongoing investigation where we are able to reach out to residents and rescue groups that would want to help rescue or adopt and care for these animals and give them the quality of life that they deserve,” Riverside County Department of Animal Services Director Erin Gettis said.

According to agency spokesman Lt. James Huffman, the 60-plus horses and nearly four dozen canines were seized on March 28 from two different properties operated by the same individual, whose name was not disclosed.

Huffman said the seizure stemmed from an 18-month investigation that has not yet led to the filing of criminal charges. No one has been arrested in connection with the neglect case.

According to officials, most of the horses are untamed, so they will require breaking in by experienced handlers.

They include Aztecas, Friesian crosses and quarter horse crosses, mares and stallions, ranging from days old to their mid-20s. Some of the mares may be pregnant.

“Guarantees cannot be made regarding their condition, train-ability or ride-ability. All of the horses require teeth floating and hoof trimming,” according to an agency statement.

Along with the equines, animal control officers seized the canines at the two properties at the same time.

“They are mostly mixed herding breeds, such as Australian shepherd, border collie and German shepherd-type dogs, ranging from adults, puppies, to moms with puppies,” the Department of Animal Services said.

The canines can be seen anytime at the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus, 581 S. Grand Ave. The horses are accessible at the location by appointment only.

Inquiries should be directed to

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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