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Homeless encampments take over LA bus stops

As the City of Los Angeles tries to address homelessness on Metro trains and buses, it is also facing a longstanding problem of encampments at existing bus shelters as it looks to add 280 more in 2024.

Willowbrook resident Thaddeus Wilson said the bus shelter at El Segundo Boulevard and San Pedro Street in has been a homeless encampment for at least one year. 

“Sometimes you can’t do what you’d like to do, you know, in the neighborhood cause they’re there sometimes,” Wilson said. “You have to go around them driving sometimes — it’s really bad, it’s really bad for the community.”

Watts neighbor Christina Ashe said she drives by the bus shelter in Willowbrook regularly and that people in the area have no choice but to adapt. Ashe said she is thankful her formerly homeless daughter recently found housing.

“It’s still so many more people that need to be housed,” Ashe said. “People who want to take the bus there just stand around the homeless person until the bus comes.”

Ashe said she does not feel threatened by the presence of homeless individuals at bus stops.

Earlier this year, the LA City Council approved $30 million in bus shelter replacements and additions with the goal of installing 3,000 new shelters in the next five years. Meanwhile, LA Metro says it is developing a plan to address the homeless individuals using Metro trains and buses as shelter. 

When contacted for comment, a Metro spokesperson said the bus shelters are the jurisdiction of the city. NBC4 also reached out to Mayor Karen Bass’ office and is awaiting a response.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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