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Hillary Clinton Attends Prop 1 Event in San Francisco

Former senator and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in San Francisco Thursday as she attended a panel for California Proposition 1.

Prop 1 is the effort to enshrine reproductive rights in the California constitution.

Clinton talked about the restrictions she saw in Europe. She said she hopes the U.S. doesn’t go down the same path.

“I remember going to countries that had very intrusive reproductive policies,” she said. “It wasn’t just China with their one child policy, with their forced abortion, something that should equally be condemned. Making decisions that you can’t have more than one child,” she said.

The proposition faces strong opposition from multiple groups, including the California Catholic Conference. A statement on their website said they will continue “to pray and work for the day when every human life is protected. And to fight to defeat Proposition 1.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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