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‘He tried to kill me.' Woman attacked near Venice canals speaks out

A woman who is recovering from a brutal attack during a stroll in the Venice Canals area is speaking out from her hospital bed and sharing her horrific experience.

Mary Klein is recuperating from the April 6 assault with her face severely bruised and jaw wired shut.

“He tried to kill me,” Klein told NBC4. “He knocked my two front teeth out.”

According to the victim, she was taking an evening walk as part of her normal routine after work. As she minded her business, she was suddenly knocked down to the ground.

“It feels like I got hit by a truck, but I really wasn’t there for it,” she said.

Klein shared she lost consciousness almost immediately. When she woke up, she went home, fell asleep and then returned to work the next day.

“I didn’t know I was in bad shape,” she said. “I had a really bad bleed. He had really knocked my head.”

An hour after Klein was assaulted, another woman in the area was attacked in the same area. On Friday, Los Angeles police announced the arrest of 29-year-old Anthony Jones, who was identified as the assailant.

Law enforcement believes both attacks were at random. Los Angeles City Councilwoman Traci Park addressed the assaults.

“People in the city of Los Angeles are sick and tired of feeling unsafe,” she said. “No woman, no visitor, no family should be unsafe walking in any neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, much less our city’s number one tourist destination. Our businesses are being pushed to the brink and consumers are paying for it.”

While still recovering, Klein said she isn’t going to let the attack deter her. With her resolve unbroken, she said she plans to continue enjoying her walks once she recovers.

“We’re free spirits, that’s not going to change,” Klein said. “The thing is — we shouldn’t have these violent criminals out on the streets.”

Klein’s relatives have set up an online fundraiser to help cover her medical expenses.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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