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Gunman opens fire during attempted street robbery in Oakland

A gunman opened fire during a failed street robbery in Oakland and it was all caught on camera. While nobody was hurt, there’s hope the video can help lead to the shooter.

Footage shows what appears to be an attempted robbery of a person walking down the street Wednesday in the city’s Redwood Heights neighborhood.

Thankfully the shot missed the victim. 

“So I was here having dinner and heard the gunshot outside,” said Brandon Rowe.

He heard it happen and captured it on his home security camera.

The street is a dead end and the video appears to show someone getting out of a minivan and attempt to rob a man possibly for a wallet. 

The suspected victim can be heard on camera saying, “I don’t have one” as he backs away.

That’s when the gunman fires, missing the man. Then gets back in the van and leaves with the suspected victim following and shouting, “you’re dead, you’re dead.”

Neighbors say it all leaves them rattled.

“It’s scary, you know? I do think that based on my interpretation of what happened, it was somebody out looking for an opportunity not something that is super common up here,” said Rowe.

“That’s just very upsetting,” said Steve Rankin. He walks the area, which is a popular spot for people to workout. 

He says hearing about this is upsetting, but he also says it’s not the only issue the neighborhood has seen recently.

“Many things mostly just vandalism and home break-ins it’s a sad state of affairs,” said Steve Rankin of Oakland.

Oakland police say they are investigating the shooting.  

They’re asking anyone with information to call them.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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