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Group trying to oust District Attorney Pamela Price holds town hall to make their case

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price said she plans to seek sentences of 25 years to life for two people accused in the shooting death of a Bay Area TV crew security guard. But organizers of an attempt to recall her believe that prosecution isn’t going far enough. 

Dozens of Alameda County residents met Monday in a town hall organized by the group Save Alameda County For Everyone, also known as SAFE. Since its inception, SAFE has been focusing on recalling Price over claims that she isn’t tough enough on criminals. 

Just hours before that meeting, Price decided to seek those 25-to-life sentences for the two people arrested in connection with the 2021 shooting death of security guard Kevin Nishita. 

“This is exactly what we’re talking about,” SAFE organizer Brenda Grisham said. “You gotta to be held accountable for your actions. We’re not talking about lock ‘em up and throw away the key, but they have got to be held accountable. 

Grisham was in court with Nishita’s wife when Price made the announcement. 

One of the meeting’s attendees was Vasu Apparao, a Fremont man. Apparao said he came to voice support for the recall after a catalytic converter was stolen from a car in front of his family’s home eight days ago. That was the fourth time thieves had targeted his home in less than two years, according to Apparao. 

“It’s ridiculous. Nobody should be living in fear of having their stuff stolen,” Apparao said. 

Those running SAFE said the purpose of the town hall was to set the record straight and make the case for recalling Price, which they say is because she doesn’t hold criminals accountable. 

Price defended her prosecution style in her own town hall over the weekend, reminding people the platform she had run on. 

“To hold people accountable without destroying the community, without decimating black and brown families because of the racism that has infected the criminal justice system,” Price said at that town hall. 

Some of Price’s supporters were outside the SAFE meeting Monday and defended Price’s prosecutorial style. 

“I don’t think she’s just looking at sentencing,” Doris Peeler-Brown said. “She’s looking at the entire picture, which is what I think you should do when you’re talking about somebody’s life.”

“She was elected by a really dramatic percentage and we deserve to let her have a chance to do what she promised to do,” Shirley Galub said. 

But the leaders of SAFE said they hear from many who want Price out and who are willing to sign recall petitions to do so. 

“In five weeks, we achieved 80,000 signatures,” SAFE organizer Carl Chan said. “So that means people are really concerned and the momentum is saying they cannot wait any longer.”

In order to get the effort on the ballot, recall organizers will need to get 93,000 signatures. The group said it has a goal of 110,000 signatures.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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