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Google faces more lawsuits over privacy

Google recently settled a massive privacy lawsuit. But now, the Silicon Valley tech giant is being hit with more cases.

Google’s Chrome browser “incognito mode,” a place to search on Google without being personally identified.

A week ago, Google settled a federal class-action lawsuit, claiming it retained user search information even though it said if someone used the incognito mode, it would be kept secret. But now, it’s facing new claims, this time asking for money.

“There was no money that changed hands as part of the settlement with Google, but it was stipulated that plaintiffs, who could show injury from this data breach could then go after google and try to seek monetary damages,” said Amplify chief strategy officer Aron Solomon.

Solomon added it will likely be tough to get Google to pay not just because it didn’t pay to settle the first suit. Also, because users will have to prove that their search data directly caused them to lose money.

Google released the following statement:

“We are pleased to settle this lawsuit, which we always believed was meritless. The plaintiffs originally wanted $5 billion and are receiving zero,” Google said. “These copycat complaints are meritless and we will defend ourselves vigorously.”

Scott Budman has more in the video above.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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