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Good Samaritan attacked while helping woman who was robbed in Long Beach

Long Beach food truck owner Bryan Tecun is recovering from multiple stab wounds after he chased down a man for robbing and attacking a woman.

Tecun had just wrapped up for the night and was driving home when he saw the attack, so he pulled over to help near Ocean Blvd and Pine Avenue in Long Beach on March 10 just before 5 a.m.

“I asked if she was ok and what happened and she said her belongings were stolen by a gentleman running down the street,” said Tecun, who owns Bryan’s Birrieria Food Truck.

Tecun jumped back in his truck and confronted the thief a few blocks down near Pacific and Ocean Blvds. The two got into an argument and a physical fight, and Tecun managed to get the woman’s cell phone back. 

During the scuffle, Tecun thought he dislocated his shoulder and when police arrived he didn’t think he needed medical attention. However, as he drove home he started to feel sick, so he called 911. 

Tecun was taken to the hospital where he found out he was stabbed in the upper torso and rib cage, and ended up with a punctured lung and internal bleeding. Since Tecun has been unable to work while he recovers from his injuries, the community has come together to help him financially. 

“The community has been really backed us up showed a lot of love and support and reached out definitely means a lot to us, want to say thank you to everybody for keeping us in mind and giving us the support I need at this time,” said Tecun.

Long Beach Police arrested the person who allegedly stabbed Tecun and robbed the woman. Police identified the suspect as 29-year-old Alexander Pierson from Los Angeles, who was arrested for robbery and bail set at $75,000.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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