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From weed to gun reform, last-minute bills hit Gov. Newsom's desk

A series of last-minute bills have just hit Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk dealing with everything from gun reform to legalizing cannabis cafes.

That bill would essentially allow existing pot dispensaries to create Amsterdam-style cafes, offering people a place where both food and cannabis could be used legally.

“The change is that they’ll be able to sell and offer non-infused beverages and food, they’re potentially going to be able to have a band or other entertainment in the space,” said Jessica McElfresh of the International Cannabis Bar Association. 

Also up for consideration are several bills dealing with guns and gun violence.  

One would require carriers of concealed weapons to be at least 21 years old, another would add an extra 11% tax on guns and ammunition, and a third aims to extend a ban on firearm ownership for repeat violators.

Also getting a lot of attention is our environment. Specifically cleaning things up.

Newsom has to decide if California will require companies with more than $1 billion in yearly revenue to publicly disclose their annual greenhouse gas emissions.

“This does get at the tech industry, but it also gets at the healthcare industry as well, we really want to target those big emitters when thinking about greenhouse gas emissions,” said Dr. Michael Schmeltz, professor of environmental health at CSU East Bay.

Another one of the bills would require all school buses to be zero emission by 2035.

The governor has until Oct.14 to sign, or reject each bill.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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