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Fourth of July Holiday Travelers Hit the Road Despite Soaring Gas Prices

Holiday travelers are hitting the roads in near-record numbers, even as gas prices spike above $4 in several Bay Area places.

For many, Friday marked the official start of the holiday weekend, and tens of millions across the country are packing up their vehicles for holiday road trips.

According to AAA, 47.7 million Americans are traveling for the holiday, and 43 million are expected to be on the road. The worst time to be on the road Friday is between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., and the best time is before noon, the travel agency says.

Gas prices this weekend are expected to be the most expensive since 2014, AAA says, with the national average at $3.12 and the California average at $4.28.

In the Bay Area, San Francisco’s average gas price is $4.28, Oakland’s is $4.36 and San Jose’s is $4.35.

For some drivers, those spiking gas prices are an added annoyance to traveling on a busy holiday weekend.

“I guess I should invest in that electric car, I don’t know,” Jason Thornton said. “But for now, gas prices are too high for us in California, especially here in the Bay Area.”

A new gas tax increase went into effect Thursday, so California drivers and tourists are now paying more than 51 cents in state gas taxes.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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