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Former San Jose police officer arrested again

A former San Jose police officer who was fired for allegedly touching himself inappropriately while on duty at a crime scene is now in trouble again.

Mathew Dominguez has now been arrested on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon. 

Court records show that since he was fired, he’s been no stranger to the justice system and he remains in jail on more than $100,000 bail.

Police Chief Tony Mata walked Dominguez out of a police station after firing him last year. He had been accused of masturbating inside a victim’s home while investigating a possible crime.

Now, he’s facing new crimes. Police are charging him with assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run, and failure to yield to police officers.

Sources say the charges are connected to an incident at the intersections of Penitencia Creek and Capitol Avenue. And also on Almaden Road and Willow Street.

“It’s shocking that it would happen to a former San Jose police officer, and shocking considering what he was doing as an active San Jose police officer,” said Michael Leininger, retired San Jose police officer.

Several women have also accused Dominguez of groping them while on and off duty and court records show a series of accusations since then.

Another woman filed a domestic violence restraining order against him last month.

Also in October, San Jose police filed a gun violence restraining order against him, meaning they temporarily took away his guns.

Now Leininger questions how Dominguez passed his background check to become a cop in the first place.

“Comprehensive backgrounds should dig deep. These people are going out there with a badge and a gun. They have the ultimate authority in the United States,”said Leininger.

A former cop with a troubled history, once again on the wrong side of the law.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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