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Flareup at Tustin hangar where earlier blaze spewed asbestos into air

Residents of Tustin were urged again Saturday to stay inside their homes after the city announced a flareup at the hangar where, earlier this week, a blaze spewed asbestos into the atmosphere.

On Tuesday, a World War II-era hangar went up in flames at a Tustin Marine Corps air station, decreasing the quality of the air in the surrounding area and making for hazardous conditions. The South Coast Air Quality Management District said tests of debris and ash from the blaze showed the presence of asbestos.

As a result of the flareup and ongoing hazardous conditions, the city urged residents to keep their doors and windows shut as a precaution. Details on what prompted the flareup were not immediately available.

The blaze began around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday at a hangar at Armstrong Road and Valencia Avenue. Due to the size of the structure and the difficulty of safely reaching the flames, Orange County Fire Authority crews opted to pull back and allow the wooden building to burn, essentially consuming the structure.

Orange County declared on Friday a local emergency in response to the fire. The emergency proclamation will make it easier to deal with the health and environmental fallout from the fire.

Due to the incident, several community parks and schools in the Tustin Unified School District were closed Thursday.

Orange County Health officials urged people in the area to limit their exposure to the smoke and ash. Health officials listed several measures the public can take to stay safe:

  • Avoid touching fire debris/ash or other materials unless properly
    trained to do so
  • Wear protective equipment (mask/gloves) if in an area where there
    is high risk of encountering asbestos
  • Remove shoes before entering a residence
  • Keep windows closed on windy days
  • Spray patios with water instead of sweeping them
  • Avoid using leaf blowers
  • Wash off ash from vehicles, outdoor toys, outdoor furniture and pets

For more information regarding this incident, the public can click here or call 714-628-7085.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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