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Flames Tear Through Vineyards Along Calistoga's Famous Silverado Trail

The raging Glass Fire has destroyed wineries, restaurants and resorts in the Napa Valley tourist destination.

At least eight wineries in Calistoga were either destroyed or sustained a lot of damage. The Glass Fire traveled up and down the famous Silverado Trail in Calistoga, burning through several vineyards and leaving others untouched.

“I looked at the winery camera, which was still running and everything was engulfed in flames — it was a red blaze,” Calistoga resident Suzanne Pfifer Pavitt said.

Pfifer Pavitt on Sunday night and into Monday morning watched from afar and from her phone screen the Glass Fire crept closer and closer toward her family’s 23-acre vineyard in Calistoga.

“It’s a hard thing to comprehend,” she said.

In the thick of the orange glow, Pfifer Pavitt spotted two glimmers of hope.

“Blue and red lights, and they were the firefighting crews, first responders and (they) tried not to give up on our home,” Pfifer Pavitt said.

The family’s house is still standing, but it’s missing parts of the roof. Although the vines are burnt to a crisp, Pfifer Pavitt is grateful for firefighters who worked tirelessly to save the treasured winery.

“This is the life blood and the life source of making wine. It’s still standing, it’s still here, everything raged outside. We’re incredibly, incredibly fortunate,” Pfifer Pavitt said.

Other vineyards along Silverado Trail were less fortunate.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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