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Five Kids 11 to 15 Years Old Arrested in Two-Day Crime Spree in East Bay

A two-day crime spree resulted in a carjacking, a laptop robbery and a purse snatching at gunpoint in the East Bay, and five juveniles were taken into custody, the youngest just 11 years old.

A possible break in the case happened in the patio of a Peet’s Coffee shop on Fourth Street in Berkeley. That’s where a laptop robbery happened at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say a witness managed to take down a license plate number of the getaway car, and later that night, there was a purse snatching in Walnut Creek.

“We had a victim walking downtown; her purse was stolen, and she was pulled to the ground,” said Lt. Holley Conners of the Walnut Creek Police Department.

Five people were involved in the attack, and one of them had a weapon, police said.

“Once the vehicle description was put out there to our other agencies, it was determined the vehicle used in this armed robbery was used in a carjacking,” said Conners.

That carjacking happened in Oakland on Monday. Police spotted the car in Berkeley on Tuesday. A pursuit ended when the car crashed into someone sitting on a bench. 

Five juveniles, ranging in age from 11 to 15 years old, were arrested.

According to a staff member at the Youth Commission in Oakland, nationally there’s been an increase in family and gun violence. And that may be why suspects in these types of crimes are getting younger.

“Violence is often environmental, and somebody that experienced violence in their life is more likely to be a perpetrator of violence,” said Carina Lieu of the Oakland Youth Commission, adding that more systems need to be put in place for our youth.  

Until that happens, juveniles committing violent crimes will only continue, she said.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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