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Firefighters rescue Brentwood man trapped upside down in tree

Firefighters rescued a Brentwood man Saturday afternoon after he got trapped in a tree while trying to trim it. 

Wayne Harrington said he was trying to clear some branches and seed pods, when one of those pods fell and hit him. The impact knocked him backwards and left him trapped. 

“Unfortunately, I was upside down, hanging under the tree,” Harrinton said. 

Firefighters with the Contra Costa Fire Protection District arrived to help very quickly, according to Harrington. 

“We were worried about his physical ability to climb down a ladder,” said Battalion Chief Jeff Burris with Con Fire. “So we did a high angle rescue, where we were able to tie him off and guide him down the ladder.”

“It was a scary experience,” said Harrington, adding, “I’m just grateful they were here and were able to get out here as quickly as they did.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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