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FBI and LAPD Serve Multiple Search Warrants and Arrests in Multi-Agency Operation

The FBI along with the LAPD have announced Wednesday multiple arrests from a multi-agency operation investigation criminal activity.

In October 2022, gang investigators from the LAPD’s Harbor Division began working on a joint investigation with the FBI. They targeted the Westside Wilmas criminal gang which they believed was involved in the sale of illegal firearms and narcotics throughout the Harbor area.

According to authorities, their investigation widened beyond just the scope of the Westside Wilmas gang and expanded into the Mexican Mafia.

The FBI has served multiple search warrants at several locations throughout the South Bay and at locations spanning up to Bakersfield, according to authorities.

As a result they have arrested a number of individuals in addition to firearms which include assault weapons, ghost guns, pounds of illegal narcotics and fentanyl.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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