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Family's Dream of New Life Crushed After RV Fire

A family lost everything when a converted RV that was supposed to be their temporary home after leaving Santa Cruz and heading for a new adventure in Baja California was engulfed in flames.

This fire certainly wasn’t part of the plan.

Alex Peri, his wife, 4-year-old son and their three dogs had packed up their RV over the last few weeks and had hoped to avoid holiday traffic when everything they had burned to the ground.

“Everything from critical documents like passports and birth certificates to hard drives and computers and everything in between,” Peri said. “The rate at which you can fall out of society is astonishing and going from van life to a new life in Mexico to completely homeless with my family literally naked in the cold in the middle of the night.’

Family and friends helped connect Peri and his family with the Marriott by the Burbank Airport where the manager agreed to give them a place to stay while they figure out the road ahead.

Peri shared video of the RV now sitting at a West Covina tow yard.

They had hoped to salvage something from their fire bag but turns out that was even destroyed.

Everything was lost except one thing they hope will carry them through, their faith in humanity.

“The thing that I’m so grateful for was the small kindnesses of the people in positions with the least were the ones who were the most interested in really helping us,” Peri said. “This long haul driver, Monviere who helped us was the only one who stayed and offered for my family and three dogs to stay in the cabin with him, a complete blessing.”

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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