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Family Raises Safety Concern After Man Dies in Shooting in Oakland's Little Saigon

Oakland police desperately wants the public’s help in solving a brutal murder caught on tape in the city’s Little Saigon.

The man killed Patrick Fung, a food delivery driver living and working in Little Saigon. On Wednesday, Oakland Police introduced a new police captain assigned to the city’s Chinatown.

This comes only a few days after police found key evidence, but the community, including Fung’s family members are calling for more police protection.

Stewart Chen, board president of the Oakland Chinatown Improvement Council acted as interpreter for Joe and his mother Judy. Joe said he heard the shot that killed his mother’s boyfriend Patrick Fung on Sunday. He is speaking out for the first time about what he heard and saw.

“When the police came, he looked out. He saw it was Patrick’s car,” he said.

The first thing Joe said he did was call his mother who was shopping in Chinatown. Both trying to compose themselves as they watched a loved one passing away right before their eyes.

“At first, shock, anger and disbelief and then, I realized, ‘Wait a minute, this almost happened to me too,’” Joe said.

Joe, who is also a rideshare driver told NBC Bay Area that he has been held up by gunpoint once and was a victim of a carjacking attempt. Each time, he managed to drive away before shots were fired.

So when the man he called his uncle was killed, Joe said felt it was just a matter of time. Joe and his mother, said they are living in fear.

“She hasn’t slept. She hardly eats,” he said. “The reality has not set in, waiting for her boyfriend to come home,” Chen said.

Police found the suspects’ car but they are hoping this video can help them track down the killers by seeing how they move and speak.

“She doesn’t think that police are paying enough attention to this neighborhood,” Chen said.

“The reason why I accepted this interview is to let others know you have to be more careful and more resilient and watch your neighborhood so it won’t happen to you what happened to me,” Judy said.

The community started this GoFundMe page. Judy said she will use the money to bury Fung.

She also said she will use the rest of it to take care of her dad and Fung’s father. She said that will be carrying out the mission that her boyfriend started.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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