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Family dog pepper sprayed, Woodland Hills home ransacked by burglars

A Woodland Hills family is left shaken after their elderly dog was pepper sprayed and their home was ransacked by a group of thieves earlier this week.

Thieves managed to avoid the many cameras outside the Gaspar family’s home and successfully made their way into the residence without setting any alarms – something that left the victims unnerved.

Tim Gaspar and his family were out to dinner on Monday and when they returned home that same evening, they found their residence in disarray.

“Everything was just upside down,” Gaspar recalled. “The closet was just destroyed. My office was turned upside down.

In the middle of the mess, Gaspar said he found his 14-year-old dog, Toby, had been pepper sprayed by the burglars.

“It looks like they sprayed him while he was sleeping. It looks like he tried to hide and they sprayed him again,” Gaspar said.

The thieves mainly took off with jewelry, including Christina Gaspar’s wedding ring.

“It’s not monetarily of great value, but it’s very sentimental to us,” Christina said.

The Gaspar’s said the thieves knew what they were doing, and they believe the burglars had surveilled their home for days, or even weeks, before the heist. According to the victims, they left no trace behind.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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