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Family Demands School Investigate Hoax Claiming Boy With Autism Died

The family of a 13-year-old special needs student is demanding accountability after they say a fake memorial was put up at his school claiming he was killed by gang members, when in fact, he is very much alive.

The student’s family said pictures and candles were put in a hallway of Bethune Middle School in South LA.

One sign read “R.I.P Jamari Baker, we will miss you.” Another sign had a fake news headline that said “Jamari was shot and killed by gang members.”

But, today, Jamari Baker stood next to his mother, alive and well. Both of them “shaken by the whole experience,” said Sophia Davis, his mother.

Davis said Jamari is autistic and a special needs student.

“I put my trust in LAUSD, I put my trust in Bethune Middle School, and they failed me,” said Davis. “I’m outraged that someone targeted my son, my son doesn’t bother anyone, he’s such a sweet boy.”

Davis said she got the call last week about the fake memorial but that a meeting with the principle yielded no answers, so she took to social media.

Today, family, friends and activists demanded that the LAUSD find the perpetrator, which they believe was an adult. 

“Someone took time out to make these posters, to put in the school hallways other children have seen this,” said Latoya Hairston, a cousin.

Najee Ali from Project Islamic home stated “We want accountability, we want them arrested, prosecuted, brought to justice and terminated.”

The district released a statement that read, “Los Angeles Unified does not condone any type of misconduct in our schools. Bethune Middle School and Los Angeles Unified are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. We also are offering full support and campus resources to this student and family to assist in this situation.”  

“All I can do now is try to help him you know, help him to get to a better school help his social skills,” said Jamari’s mother.

 Davis said she is now homeschooling Jamari.

The family is asking for an investigation from the superintendent of public instruction. 

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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