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Family, community watch Alexis Gabe documentary in Oakley

Two years after an Oakley woman was killed by her ex-boyfriend, there’s a new documentary that is shining light on the murder case.

Alexis Gabe’s family shared their thoughts on a documentary that aired Wednesday night, examining the murder case of their daughter. Alexis went missing in January 2022, leading to a community wide missing person search.

Months later, it became a homicide case connected to her ex-boyfriend Marshall Curtis Jones, who was shot and killed by law enforcement attempting to arrest him in Washington state.

During a private screening in Oakley Wednesday night, residents and investigators on the case watched the documentary.

“I’m hoping the truth will be seen because a lot of has been brushed under the rug because it’s still under investigation,” said Lin Kobata, a family friend.

The documentary discussed many parts of the investigation, including a map showing where Jones planned to dump Alexis’ remains and bodycam video of police searching Jones’ Antioch home for evidence, where police believe Alexis was killed.

But the documentary did not include surveillance video that the family says allegedly shows Jones’ mother as a potential suspect in the murder case. They did not elaborate much on what was in the video but felt it was important for the public to see.

“I was communicating with the episode producer and I mentioned ‘Are you guys going to show the clip?’ and she said ‘Yeah, we will show the clip.’ But all of sudden, it’s not there,” said Gwyn Gabe, Alexis’ father.

The family still plans for their attorney to present a case to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office against Jones’ mother in the coming months. She was briefly taken into custody around the time of her son’s death in 2022, but police said there wasn’t enough evidence to charge her.

The Gabe family hopes a new case could lead to a different outcome.

“We’re not done. We’re definitely not done,” said Gwyn Gabe.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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