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Exclusive: Man speaks out after suspect steals his car with daughter inside in San Francisco

A father is speaking out after his daughter was rescued following a scary situation in San Francisco Friday afternoon. In an interview with NBC Bay Area, the man said his car was stolen with his daughter still inside.

The incident happened in San Francisco’s Ingleside neighborhood near Ashton and Holloway avenues.

“Someone kidnapped your child, your brain and your mind goes crazy. That’s what happened. I was going nuts. I’m so relieved. Thank god,” the victim said.

NBC Bay Area’s SkyRanger was overhead when officers rescued a girl from the back of a truck she was in after someone stole it.

“I pulled at the Good Guys market, not too far from here,” the victim said. “My daughter was sleeping. So, I just jumped out and I ran into the market to get something and before I could even purchase something, someone got in my car and took off in my truck with my daughter in it and it was like a kidnapping.”

According to San Francisco police, they first responded to the area of Ashton and Holloway avenues just before 4:30 p.m. About 11 minutes later, officers found the car with the child still inside on Capitol and Ocean avenues.

Jamil Tawasha, the owner of Homerun Liquors, witnessed the incident as the stolen car was left parked not far from his business.

“I’ve seen a guy drive kind of crazy. Like a wild left turn and he parked the car and started running,” he said. “I walked up, I’ve seen the car. I’ve seen a baby crying in there and two minutes after I seen that, a whole bunch of officers and a helicopter came.”

Police said the suspect took off and the search for that person continues.

The father told NBC Bay Area Friday that his daughter is doing OK.

“She’s OK. She’s in the back now, she’s fine, she’s happy,” he said.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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