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Elon Musk slated to meet with Israel's prime minister in the Bay Area

Protestors in the Bay Area are gearing up for the arrival of Israel’s prime minister, who is set to meet with Elon Musk Monday amid accusations that Musk is allowing anti-Semitism to fester on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Protestors are expected to gather at the Tesla factory in Fremont Monday morning.

The group UnXeptable put out a statement reading, in part, “It’s deeply unacceptable that Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the world’s only Jewish state, who calls himself the protector of Israel, is flying across America to seek the counsel and support from a notorious enabler of anti-Jewish hate speech.”

Musk is expected to meet with Netanyahu to ease a growing war of words over claims of anti-Semitism on X.

Insiders say the meeting between Netanyahu and Musk is the latest step by executives for the social media platform to head off what could be a legal battle over hate speech.

Several groups have accused Musk of allowing anti-Semitic groups to flourish on his platform.

Musk has threatened to sue for defamation.

Netanyahu is coming to the U.S. for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, which starts Monday.

The group UnXeptable also plans to have protests in San Francisco and at San Jose Mineta International Airport.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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