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Elon Musk Asks Users if He Should Step Down as CEO in New Twitter Poll

The intrigue and seeming instability at Twitter continues.

Within the last 24 hours, Elon Musk decided to ask users if he should step down as Twitter’s CEO, saying he would honor the results of a poll on the issue.

A total of 57% say it’s time for him to go, but is it that easy?

It started with Musk tweeting out, “Should I step down as head of Twitter?” More than 17 million votes later, the majority voted yes.

“The people have spoken, and they want Musk out,” said Matt Cabot, social media professor at SJSU.

Even accounting for bots and fake accounts, the poll is unusual. Typically, a board of directors would choose a CEO, and if public, company shareholders could weigh in.

But Twitter has no board, and no shareholders. It’s a private company now, and it’s clear that quite a few users appear ready for a change.

“People are tired of the chaos, and they need someone, an adult in the room who can actually manage people, work with people, and make the company just work better,” said Cabot.

The poll sparked a lot more than votes. Some tweeted jokes, but there was also a serious side to the Twitter chaos.

“About 80% of Twitter’s users are abroad, and some of them rely on this platform to reach loved ones or conduct activist activities, and all of this chaos is putting those people in danger as well,” said Irina Raicu, director of internet ethics at the Markkula Center.

One thing the poll has already accomplished, is it has everyone continuing to talk and tweet.

Now, the site, and its users, wait for Musk’s next move.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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