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East Bay Mud Declares Stage 1 Drought, Asks Customers Cut Water Use by 10%

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (East Bay Mud) said Tuesday that it’s time to start rationing, asking every customer to cut water use by 10% right now. 

The utility said this is the second driest year they’ve ever recorded and officials said that places us in a stage one drought. 

“Overall we’re at 54% of average with no precipitation in sight,” said officials, talking about the Sierra Snowpack being nowhere near where it should be. 

“What is normal is 48 inches of precipitation a year in the Mokelumne Watershed, we have 24 inches to date,” she Andrea Pook of East Bay Mud.

A stage one drought means customers need to start scaling back. It’s asking folks to voluntarily reduce consumption by 10 %, urging customers to fix leaks, keep showers short, and invest in water efficient appliances. 

“Every action counts, everything our customers do helps our whole community make it through this year,” said Pook.

Steve Tesslar says the last big drought prompted him and his wife to make changes to their landscaping. It’s been a work in progress for the last several years. 

“We all need to do our fair share,” he said. “We had a lawn and we removed the lawn and replaced it with succulents and other drought tolerant landscape.”

Customers say they’ve been through the drought drill before and are ready to ration to prevent things from getting worse. 

“I think it’s important for everybody to do a little extra so maybe we won’t have such a bad drought,” said Mio Good.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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