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Driver of Stolen Vehicle Crashes Into Street Vendors Nearly Missing Bystanders

The Ford F-250 jumped the sidewalk and barreled right between the taco truck and a flower stand – amazingly no one was hit by the truck.

“There were people standing right there and they didn’t get hurt,” said a witness to the incident.

Workers at the flower stand and the taco truck are still too shaken up to speak realizing how close they came to being seriously hurt.

According to the LAPD the Ford F-250 was stolen out of Redondo Beach.

The driver came off the Southbound 110 Freeway at Vernon around 1:00 p.m. and accelerated, jumped the sidewalk, and tore through the iron gate.

The truck got wedged in between a pole and a taco truck.

An LAPD sergeant who was at the seen says everyone on that corner is very lucky to be alive.

The driver is only described as a man in his 30’s who was trapped in the vehicle and the fire department did have to extricate him. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to recover.

The LAPD says this was not a pursuit. The Ford F-250 is equipped with LoJack and police in the area of Venice and Vermont were alerted by the LoJack that there was a stolen vehicle nearby.

Officers and airship were trying to locate the stolen vehicle and followed the low jack ping to the Southbound 110 Freeway.

That’s when patrol officers saw the Ford F-250 accelerate off the Vernon exit and followed it to where it crashed.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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