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Dozens come to celebrate 100th birthday for Pearl Harbor attack survivor in Concord

A U.S. Navy veteran who survived the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor celebrated his 100th birthday in Clayton Saturday with dozens of well-wishers. 

Over a hundred friends and relatives came out to mark the milestone with Chuck Kohler. 

Kohler remembered the day over 2,400 of his fellow shipmates and comrades were killed. He felt very lucky to be celebrating a century — and was touched by the recognition. 

“This is wonderful, oh my goodness gracious! I don’t think many people get to experience something like this,” Kohler said. “All of these people, who knows where all they came from. Because of me? To wish me a happy birthday? I’ll never.ever forget it.”

NBC Bay Area previously spoke with Kohler in Concord on Dec. 7 of last year, when he was attending a beacon-lighting ceremony to mark 82 years since the Pearl Harbor attack.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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