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DoorDash Delivery Woman Caught on Camera Defecating in Brentwood Apartment Lobby Trash Can

This might have you thinking twice about your next food delivery.

After dropping food off at a Brentwood apartment on Friday, a delivery woman was caught on camera using using the lobby trash can as a toilet.

To make matters worse, she missed and left a trail of feces on the way to the front door.

Soon after complaints started coming in, Lisa Stanley, the building manager, was shocked when she watched the video.

“When I saw what I saw, I couldn’t unsee it,” said Stanley. “It was the most horrific sight I ever saw. This girl went on, I am sure of it, to deliver meals after that happened. Lord knows what was on her hands.”

The woman was delivering for DoorDash.

The company called the incident unacceptable and disturbing.

The driver’s account has now the driver’s account has now been deactivated, and DoorDash promised to pay for cleanup.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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