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Detroit Lions fans start arriving to the Bay Area ahead of NFC Championship game

Lions are starting to wander among the Faithful Friday.

By plane, train or car, Detroit fans are descending on the Bay Area ahead of Sunday’s NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Lifelong fan Jean Virkus flew into SFO from Detroit Friday and, along with her husband, will be in Santa Clara Sunday, hoping to see the team punch their ticket to the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

“Love our Lions,” said Virkus. “I’m anticipating a lot of blue there when we’re there. So, super excited. Nervous, but really happy to be here.”

Others agreed.

“I lived in Detroit for the last five years prior, and very excited to come to the Bay Area,” said Lions fan Courtney Wood. “Love coming to the Bay Area, but especially for the Lions and I hope to see a bunch of other Lions fans here. I think they will. I think everybody is going to show out. It’s going to be the best game.”

Many Lions fans noted just how long they’ve been waiting for this.

“I was very young the last time they made the Conference final, they lost to the Redskins. So really excited today … to play the Niners. It’s gonna be a tough game. The Niners are a great team,” said Lions fan Aman Kambo. “They got a chance. Goff is a local Bay Area boy so he’ll be playing for his family.”

“I grew up on the east side of Detroit all my life and I’m a huge Lions fan,” said Lisa Robinson. “Even back when we weren’t doing well. Even back when Barry Sanders played on the team. Herman Moore was on the team. Megatron was on the team, and it’s really super exciting right now to see them getting ‘Gritty with it’ and doing their thing.”

And a trip to the Bay Area also means escaping Midwest snow. 

“It is nice. It’s been really bad at home. It’s funny. This is probably cold for you but it’s delightful for me,” said Virkus.

There could be a rush of blue at airports Saturday as well. A few fans said some of their friends are waiting until Saturday to arrive to avoid a huge hotel bill Friday night. 

So they can stay longer to be tourists after Sunday.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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