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Culture war issues on Super Tuesday ballot in Orange County

Some conservatives may argue California is one of the most liberal states in the nation, but Orange County found itself in the middle of cultural wars over gender identification and LBGTQ+ inclusion in 2023. Some voters will get to weigh in on a couple of the divisive issues on March 5.

Orange County Unified School District recall election

Some voters will see an option to remove two conservative school board trustees from the Orange County Unified School District, which serves Orange, Villa Park as well as parts of Anaheim, Garden Grove and Santa Ana.

Who: Rick Ledesma and Madison Miner are facing a recall attempt by a group of parents, teachers and community members

Why: Proponents accuse Ledesma and Miner of being responsible for a number of controversial decisions including 1) firing then-superintendent Gunn Marie Hansen and assistant superintendent Cathleen Corella without any explanation to the public 2) implementing a policy that requires school employees to notify parents if children wish to be identified as a new gender 3) temporarily suspending the district’s digital library over books that they deemed inappropriate 4) issuing a ban on displaying the pride flag at schools.

What opponents say:  Those behind No OSUD Recall claim the campaign is politically motivated to remove conservative members of the board. They claim those who back the recall want to “replace education with indoctrination.”

Huntington Beach Measure 2

What: The proposal seeks to have only certain types of flags displayed at government properties in the city of Huntington Beach: the American flag, the POW/MIA flag, the State of California flag, the Huntington Beach City flag, the County of Orange flag, or any of the flags of the six branches of military service.

Exceptions: During the Summer Olympic Games, the mayor is authorized to order the display of the official Olympic flags for four weeks prior to the dates of the games and up to two weeks after the international event.  Other flags can be flown if all members of the Huntington Beach City Council approve the decision.

What opponents say: Measure 2 would be culturally exclusive or discriminatory, according to critics, because the LGBTQ+ flag as well other national flags for cultural heritage months would not be allowed. Critics also point out that the POW/MIA flag is not a government flag.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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