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Crews start repairs on storm-damaged Santa Cruz apartment

Some Santa Cruz residents were still dealing with the effects of the weekend storm on Monday, including one apartment complex where crews worked late into the night to fix water damage. 

Residents shared video with NBC Bay Area, showing the water inching closer to the units overnight. 

“It just kept going and going,” Brandon Perry said. “Eventually, it just started coming through the door and everything.”

Perry added that’s when he grabbed his stuff and put it on top of his counters, but his carpet got some of the worst of it. Maintenance crews had to rip up part of it, and repairs could take some time. 

“I’m going to stay at my girlfriend’s house. They told me that I can move back in here after about a month,” Perry said. 

Crews making repairs there said they’d been on-site since early in the morning Monday. Around 15 apartments were affected, according to one worker. 

The storm hit Santa Cruz and the mountains hard. Over the weekend, there was a mudslide on Highway 9 near Saratoga and Caltrans had to shut down the road for several hours Sunday to make repairs. 

Despite the damage, the apartment complex’s residents were grateful it wasn’t worse. 

“I saved most of my important things, you know?,” Perry said. “Some furniture, some little stuff got damaged, but overall, I thought I did pretty good.”

Source: NBC Bay Area

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