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COVID, Flu, RSV Cases Finally Dropping

Cases of COVID, the flu, and RSV have been dropping and while health leaders say it’s a good sign, we’re not out of the woods yet. 

“We are seeing rates in our wastewater, and the number of people getting sick, are coming down for all three diseases,” said Dr. Sarah Rudman, Santa Clara County deputy health officer. 

Heath leaders say wastewater samples are one of the best indicators of future trends.

In the South Bay, hospitalizations are also down 30% from a month ago. 

“RSV peaked in November. Our flu numbers look like they peaked about a month ago and are heading in the right direction,” said Rudman. 

COVID numbers are also finally going down although there’s still a substantial amount of transmission and risk out there.

Paul Silka at Regional Medical Center said the COVID cases they are seeing are generally less severe. The reason for it — more people have antibodies and more are vaccinated. 

“We still are in our winter season. These respiratory viruses will persist and those patients with comorbidities are really subject to complications,” said Silka. 

Nationwide, the CDC said the holidays luckily did not lead to a bump in flu cases. 

The doctor’s message Thursday is that the signs are good, but the risk isn’t gone.  

There’s still time to get your flu shot and bivalent COVID booster to protect yourself when or if cases begin to climb again. 

“Take advantage of this downturn, get your immunizations, and probably in 10 to 14 days people will have improved immunity,” said Silka.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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