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Costa Mesa Police Investigate Racial Profiling Allegations

The Costa Mesa Police Department has launched an investigation into a traffic stop where the driver says he was racially profiled.

One of his passengers recorded the situation when the driver refused to allow the officer to search his car.

The driver said he decided to bring up his education to the officer. 

Abdullahi Aden says he has been pulled over by a gang unit in San Diego and he did not have his license on him, so he provided officers with his Berkeley student ID.

“Once I gave them that, their faces changed, their moods changed,” Aden said.

He says ever since then he made it a habit to let police know about his education.

In a statement, the Costa Mesa police chief Ron Lawrence said “The Costa Mesa Police Department is aware of a video on social media involving one of our officers. We understand the concern regarding the officer’s dialogue during the traffic stop. We have received information from members of the public in regards to this incident and our department’s professional standards bureau is conducting a thorough and objective internal investigation.”

He was cited for driving without a license and having tinted windows but the vehicle was not searched.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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