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Concord shop hosts final ‘Free Comic Book Day' at longtime home

Saturday marked the 22nd annual “Free Comic Book Day” at a Concord shop, where it all began. But it was also the final time “Flying Colors Comics and Other Cool Stuff” hosted the event at its longtime home.

There was a long line outside the shop on Saturday. Inside “Flying Colors Comics and Other Cool Stuff,” it had exactly what comic book fans were looking for.

“I really like comic books because it brings literature and artwork together in this really awesome way. I love artwork. I love looking at art,” said Concord resident Sam Hallett

There were plenty of heroes and villains, the idea for “Free Comic Book Day” was born at this Concord shop and it really took off.

“The largest event in comics every year, it’s Free Comic Book Day. An event that I founded back in 2001 that got it’s first event in early 2002,” said Joe Field with Flying Colors Comics and Other Cool Stuff. “I looked out our front window and I saw a line, they weren’t coming into my store. They were going into Baskin Robbins for free scoop night.”

And the phenomenon was born.

“Free Comic Book Day started at the Concord comic book store years ago but this year, it holds special significance. It was the last one at its current location.

“We have lost our lease,” Field said.

Field told NBC Bay Area that their lease is up in January. But he added the tradition is not over and this isn’t the end of their story.

“We will be moving to a new location. We haven’t announced where that is yet. It will be in the city of Concord,” he said.

Customers said they can’t wait for the store’s next chapter.

“I love the constant updating of the stories. Just the characters and everything, The environment here that Joe sets is Wonderful. I love the people and the community,” said Andrew of Concord.

Source: NBC Bay Area

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