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Clippers' superstar James Harden gifts rookie card to fans in Santa Monica

Los Angeles Clippers’ guard James Harden made a surprise appearance for fans at Bleecker Trading LA in Santa Monica on Saturday night, gifting fans packs of cards including his coveted 2009 rookie card.

Harden gave the kids in attendance a once in a lifetime experience to meet and interact with their favorite NBA superstar, when he arrived just after 6:00PM PST at the trading cards store in downtown Santa Monica.

Harden stayed for roughly 30 minutes, taking pictures with fans and handing out cards, including his coveted 2009 rookie card, to a young female fan in attendance. The 2018 NBA Most Valuable Player winner’s rookie card is valued between $5,000 and $10,000.

A young female fan holds up a 2009 James Harden rookie card, given to her by the LA Clippers superstar on Saturday night at Bleecker Trading LA in Santa Monica, CA.

The event took place on National Trading Card Day (February 24) and occurred simultaneously with 407 other hobby shops across 12 states.

The events, known as “Topps Hobby Rip Night,” brought together thousands of trading card collectors and hobbyists across the country, and centered around the release of the Topps Series 1, the company’s flagship baseball pack.

In addition to the courtesy packs, fans in attendance on Saturday night received raffle prizes, giveaways, special merchandise, and the opportunity to meet their favorite players.

James Harden meets with fans at Bleecker Trading LA in Santa Monica, CA

Harden was acquired by the Clippers on November 1, 2023 in a trade with the Philadelphia 76ers. After losing their first six games with their new superstar, the Clippers began to develop chemistry on the court and ascended to the top spot in the Western Conference standings.

Currently sitting in third place in the West, the Clippers new “Big Three” comprised of Harden, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard, have championship aspirations this season.

Source: NBC Los Angeles

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